India: Maa Parvati Mahila Self Help Group

This loan helps to buy a cow for milk to sell

The members of Maa Parvati Mahila Self Help Group are all women from the Puri district in Odisha. Peoples Forum has brought in the habit of saving among the women, as the members are involved in various activities, such as agriculture, dairy, animal husbandry, poultry farming, etc. These women, with the help of their husbands, not only support their families but also set examples for other women in the village — that women can save money, run the house and become entrepreneurs.

Minati is involved in a dairy business along with her husband, and tells the story of her initial days of business hardships. Nevertheless, her living conditions have relatively improved, as stated by her. She dreams of educating her two children and making them pursue a higher education. She hopes over the course of time, she will renovate her house and living standards. She will use her portion to buy a cow for milk to sell.

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