Bolivia: Virgen de Copacabana

This loan helps to purchase a sewing machine.

The “Virgen de Copacabana” communal bank will begin its second cycle with pro Mujer as part of the” Centro Focal de Santiago II”. The group is comprised of eight members, and is managed by a board of directors where Marina is president. The members of the association engage in varied businesses including selling sportswear, vests and jackets, fruit, meals, and vegetables as wells as providing building services, and operating a neighborhood store.
The loan they are taking out will benefit small businesses where Marina is a member. She says that this is her first year as a member of Pro Mujer, and she joined in response to an invitation of a friend who is a client of the institution. Currently, she has a business selling sportswear, and relates that she undertook this business several years ago by her own initiative, noting that these products were widely sold in the market.

The loan she is taking out now is to increase working capital through the purchase of a sewing machine that she will acquire from shops in La Paz, and later install in her sewing workshop to make her products. This type of work will permit her to generate income to support her family financially as she lives in a common-law marriage and has three children.

When asked what she liked about Pro Mujer, she responded that she enjoys the training offered by the institution.

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